Portable Restrooms

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Porta-Potty With a Flushing Feature:

If you are going to host a party or a wedding, it’s wise to select a porta-potty that includes a flushing feature, improving the guest’s bathroom experience during the event.

Single Stall Units:

The most common type of portable toilets is the standard single-stall unit, which can be utilized at construction job sites, beaches, and athletic fields that require additional sanitation. A single stall porta potty is recommended for the job site, events or other associated short-term projects. This type of portable john includes toilet paper, a hand sanitizer and a mirror. The water carrying capacity of a single stall is 60-gallons. Besides this, there are many other types of porta potties which you can consider depending on the requirement and location.

A Portable Toilet With Sink:

If your guests want to wash hands more frequently, then this type of Porta Potty is most recommended by our experts. There is a water storage tank inside the unit for water to prevent the toilet from becoming inaccessible.

Handicap Porta-Potty With Wheelchair-Friendly Features:

Handicap porta-potties are designed to meet the requirements of special-needs individuals with disabilities. These toilets are wheelchair accessible. This is a good option for the elderly, physically impaired, or anyone temporarily using a wheelchair. The ramp into the facility makes it a lot more user-friendly for such folks. Additionally, there is extra square footage around the john, and a handrail on both sides to help them get out of their chair, and back in again.

Porta-Potties With a Changing Station Included:

User-friendly porta-potties are common for special parties and functions where families come along with their children and they require a changing room. These units are larger, providing adequate space to dress and undress.


Portable washrooms prices will vary depending on the type, size and additional features you may select. The duration of your rental is usually the biggest factor that affects the budgets of our customers. Our service agents quote prices that range from as little as $60 to as much as $600. Here are some of the factors that can impact price:

  • Travel distance for our driver to the delivery site
  • Rental period
  • The number of mobile washrooms you wish to rent
  • How frequently we return to service the units(s)
  • Any additional amenities you might request

Keep in mind that some porta-potty service providers don’t include all costs in the quotes they provide, resulting in you being surprised by additional fees at the end of your